Group Therapy

Girl Power Hour

…is a dynamic empowerment group for girls growing up in today’s promising yet challenging environment. Girls will come together for a series of eight groups, one hour weekly session, focused on the following topics: Identity and self-awareness, body image and self-esteem, social skills and relationships, assertiveness and anger management, peer pressure and bullying, managing emotions and stress, goal setting and personal development.

(Girls aged 9-12 and 13-17)

Social Skills

…groups are intended to assist and support elementary and middle school children as they approach the social challenges of their pre-teen and teenage years. Groups will meet for eight weeks, one hour weekly session, and focus on the following topics: peer interactions, problem solving, anger management, impulse control, appropriate group behavior, sportsmanship/teamwork, communication and listening skills.

(Boys and Girls aged 7-11)

Respect and Resilience

On a daily basis, boys and young men are challenged to be tough without being violent, to be tolerant without seeming weak. Developing a strong sense of self is imperative to helping boys learn to stand up for themselves as well as to resist the internal and external pressures to bully others. This group will promote an open dialogue regarding what it means to be a “man.” Group discussions will emphasize strength of character rather than physical strengths and encourage boys to recognize similarities and value diversities within their peer group. Groups will meet for eight weeks, one hour weekly session

(Boys aged 9-12 and 13-17)

Divorce Group

This group program uses games, role-play, artwork and other fun activities to help children learn to identify and manage the many emotions associated with a divorce in their family. Discussions will center on feelings of loss, anger management, expression of emotions, improved communication between parent and child (ren), reducing sense of isolation and improved self-esteem. Groups will meet for eight weeks, one hour weekly session.

(Boys and Girls aged 7-10, 11-14, and 15-18)

We welcome your input on choosing the best time to hold our groups. If a number of families express interest in an earlier start time, we are more than happy to consider creating an afterschool group. The above times have been chosen to accommodate the typical family’s work schedule. Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions. It is our goal to be flexible.

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