Couples Therapy

Therapy for CouplesRelationships can be both satisfying and bring great happiness to our life. Intimate relationships can provide the support we need to overcome the overwhelming hardships and difficulties we all experience from one time to another. However, all too often, couples feel frustrated and powerless when each other’s needs and concerns conflict, and when resentment turns to hurt, bitterness and anger. Creating a mutually fulfilling partnership requires both individuals to be committed to the strengthening of the relationship. Couples therapy provides a setting in which both partners can feel safe to examine their feelings leading to a deeper awareness of each other’s needs. In this environment you can clarify your issues and learn skills that will enhance your relationship, promote intimacy, sustain your commitment while preserving your individual identities.

New Tampa Psychological Services offers also a short-term couple therapy (6 to 10 sessions) in which the following areas might be addressed:

  1. Communication: Conflict Resolution, Anger Management
  2. Emotional Intimacy: Expressions, Blocks, Avoidance
  3. Sexual Adjustment: Functioning, Comfort, Satisfaction
  4. Commitment: Honoring Agreements, Trust, Healing
  5. Acceptance: Giving, Expressing, receiving
  6. Play: Having Fun Together

The first session or two is devoted to gathering your histories, both as individuals and as a couple. Your therapist may want to talk to each one of you privately in addition to seeing you together. We work within your values framework and your feelings and reactions are discussed. Often “ homework” suggestions are made to promote new experiences, to practice skills, and to identify any roadblocks to change. Ways to maintain desired changes and avoid relapse are provided.


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