Child and Teen Therapy

Child Therapy and Teen TherapyNew Tampa Psychological Services’ team view parents as the experts on their children and encourage them to be informed participants and advocates. With young children, we expect the parents to be partners in all phases of treatment and play a critical role. Understanding the home, school and social environment is often critical in providing effective therapy. So when needed and with permission, we will work closely with parents, siblings, teachers, school psychologists, doctors and others who play a role in the child’s life in order to best address the needs of the child.

With teenagers, however, privacy in psychotherapy is often crucial to successful progress. Although parental involvement is also essential, it is usually our policy to request an agreement with a teenager and his / her custodial parent(s) about access to information. This agreement provides that during treatment, we will provide parents with only general information about the progress of the treatment. We will also provide parents with a summary of their child’s treatment when it is complete. Any other communication will require the teenager’s authorization, unless we feel that he /she is in danger or is a danger to someone else, in which case, we will notify the parent(s) of my concern. Before giving parents any information, we will discuss the matter with the teen, if possible, and do our best to handle any objections he/she may have.

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