I was overwhelmed and stuck in a very dark place when my doctor gave me Dr. Tsila’s name and strongly suggested I seek her help. With Dr. Tsila’s compassionate care, using her gifted listening skills, patience and sense of timing, I had the tools needed to leave the dark place, reconnect to my own strengths, and return to a peaceful and joyful life.

I am grateful daily for Dr. Tsila.

Individual Therapy treating depression with a 63 y/o woman.

Dr. Kirsh has helped my family and I through several and varied family “crises.” She is professional and perceptive and at the same time very warm and caring. Everyone hits “bumps in the road.” We will definitely turn to Dr. Kirsh to help us navigate through any we encounter in the future.

Family Therapy with a couple in their late forties and a 16 y/o daughter.

I have been referring patients to Dr. Tsila Abush-Kirsh for several years. From postpartum depression to marital problems, she has done an excellent job of guiding and supporting my patients through difficult times.

Amy Solomon, MD

Dr Kirsh helped us to diagnose accurately our two kids. Her comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation helped my daughter’s finally to get proper diagnosis and help with her learning disability.

You have played a critical role also in identifying our son’s ADD, and helped really turn his grades, and most importantly, his self esteem around. THANK YOU!

Testing with freshman college student with learning disability and therapy with middle school boy with ADD

I have had the pleasure of seeing the outstanding clinical work Dr. Tsila Kirsh has generated. Members of the military who are stationed overseas, in very stressful positions have college age sons and daughters here in the United States attending school. Dr. Kirsh has been instrumental in administering complete psychological assessments, and presenting the findings to the parents who may be in different time zones. I have received numerous positive comments from the families who have worked with Dr. Kirsh. The security of our great nation is based on the United States Military as well as members of the State Department who are overseas; know that their loved ones are receiving proper care while they are serving their nation.

Dr. Tsila Kirsh is one of these individuals making this possible.

I give my full support to her outstanding level of professional work as a psychologist.

Felix J. Subervi, III Ph.D.
Major, USAF, Ret.
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Kirsh you are the first professional who really got to the root of my son’s problem. You were able to describe exactly our difficulties and explain why they are happening. You gave us practical tools to use at home and you were instrumental in helping his teacher use them as well. We love your creative Chile Out Plan for his anger management.

Family therapy with a 6 y/o boy with behavioral problems

Dr. Tsila, thank you so much for all your hard work with our daughter. You saved her from her own demons and helped her learn coping skills to mange her depression instead of harming herself by cutting. She is doing much better with each passing day.

Family and Individual therapy with a 14 y/o teen with depression and cutting behavior

I was in a very dark and hopeless place, in regards to my OCD, before I started therapy. But with the extraordinary help from Dr. Kirsh, I have successfully learned how to manage and control my life rather than the OCD running my life, and I am in a much happier and healthier place now.

Individual and Family Therapy with a high school student with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

My husband and I have benefitted greatly from our work with Dr. Kirsh. When we arrived in her office, we were often at odds with each other and unable to feel much empathy for the other. Through our work with Dr. Kirsh, we have learned to communicate well, become vulnerable with each other, and grow much closer to each other. Our lives are much fuller and happier due to Dr. Kirsh’s insight, teachings, and empathy.

Couple Therapy with a couple in their late sixties

Dr. Kirsh brought a balance of clinical knowledge, educational perspective, and ability to connect with all ages to the program series she shared with my prior school community. The workshops focused on training and equipping teachers and staff, parents and students to handle issues related bullying.

Judy V. Kent
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Academy at the Lakes

Highly recommended by my physician Dr. Solomon , Dr. Kirsh is considered one of the leading therapists in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy. With her expertise, in just a few short weeks, she has helped me tremendously with my anxiety issues.

By teaching me new coping skills, she has helped me to understand and change the way I think of myself and the world around me. With her caring and supportive nature, she has put me on the path to lead a more confident and healthy life. Thank you!

Individual Short Term Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with a woman in her fifties with severe generalized anxiety.

Dr. Kirsh has cared for a number of my patients and they have all found her to be extremely helpful and effective.

Judy Barreiro M.D.
The Woman’s Group

I was referred to Dr. Kirsh by The Woman’s Group. Dr. Kirsh was able to pull me through one of the darkest and most challenging times of my life. Not only did she act as my psychologist, but she was truly my ally and held my hand every step of the way. I will never forget the blessing she was to my family and me.

An individual therapy with pregnant woman in her late 30s caring twins with severe panic attacks

Dr. Tsila Kirsh volunteered her time to speak on the topic of “Parenting Your Teens: What Works and How it Works” at a workshop for Tampa Jewish Family Services. Dr. Kirsh provided invaluable information and education on parent strategies for understanding and relating to teenagers. She was insightful, compassionate and knowledgeable about the topic. Dr. Kirsh is an asset to our community.

Lydia Abrams, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Clinical Director
Tampa Jewish Family Services

Dr. Kirsh is a very passionate and caring mental health professional. Dr. Kirsh truly loves helping her patients to achieve a healthier mental and emotional place utilizing her many years of experience and psychological education. With her compassion and expertise, her upcoming endeavors in family law and forensics will undoubtably be an asset to the psychological community.

Dianne Carlson, BSN, BS, CPT

I am happy to write a glowing endorsement for Dr. Kirsh, and I have praised her to my attorney for the work she has done. She was our 6th counselor, and I have been amazed that the others seemed to ignore or disagree with my mother’s intuition of our broken family situation.

Dr. Kirsh skillfully navigated a tense divorced family, and I learned a great deal from her about how to better deal with – and talk to my ex-husband. The counseling was worth every dollar spent.

Therapy with a divorced couple and their 11 y/o daughter who refused to visit and spend time with her mother.

I have known Dr. Tsila Abush Kirsh for many years and have the highest regard for her skills as a psychologist. I thoroughly recommend her to people in need of psychological help. She has a straightforward approach which I believe is a real benefit in treatments.

Dr. Tsila Abush Kirsh also frequently refers her clients to other programs, such as our martial arts school, to enhance their treatments. She knows that Quest Martial Arts can help improve her client’s self-esteem and self-image as part of their wellness program. Dr. Tsila understands that utilizing other resources is frequently what client’s need, along with counseling, to truly get the results they desire in the long term. These other resources can usually help shorten their road to complete wellness.

Helen Russo
Quest Martial Arts, Tampa

My 9- year old daughter suffered from intense separation anxiety and Dr. Kirsh with her skills and cognitive- behavioral expertise was able in only a few sessions to help my child overcome this problem. My husband and I highly recommend her to any parent that seeks help for their child.

Child Therapy with a 9 y/o with separation anxiety and behavioral problems


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