Parenting Plan Evaluations

Beginning October 1, 2008, Florida Statute changed and now requires all parents with children who are divorcing to develop parenting plans. When there is a dispute, the child development experts at New Tampa Psychological Services can help parents and their attorneys design a detailed parenting plan that addresses each child’s needs. Our plans take into account any changes that will impact you and your children for years to come. Relocation, child abuse, alienation, intimate partner violence, mental illness, and substance abuse are some of the unique and difficult issues that can be addressed in the investigative process of crafting a specific plan. Parenting plan assessments are alternative dispute resolutions and break impasses.

If you feel that a parenting assessment is appropriate for your family, discuss this option with your attorney.

For more information on Parenting Plan Evaluations, please contact New Tampa Psychological Services at 813-514-2924 or/ e-mail us at

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