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page_parentingFor the well-being of their children, divorcing parents must continue to communicate effectively with their former spouses. Approximately 20-30% of divorcing parents exhibit high conflict behaviors, creating stress for both adults and children. Research findings suggest that high parental conflict is the single most common cause of poor adjustment in children following a divorce.

Parenting Coordination is an alternative dispute resolution process that helps parents resolve issues and learn how to protect their children from the harmful effects of chronic exposure to parental conflict. When parents need an objective expert to help them co-parent more effectively, the parenting coordinator will help ensure that the children’s needs and best interests are met. It is a unique service that may be used during the divorce process or years after. Parents with serious concerns regarding their co-parent may request, through their attorney, the services of a Parent Coordinator.

Since parenting coordination is a non-confidential process, parenting coordinators document parental behaviors and compliance with court orders. This is usually done through memos and, if necessary, by testimony to the Court. The parenting coordinators may share their concerns regarding each parent and make recommendations regarding unresolved issues.

What Are The Benefits of Parenting Coordination?

Benefits Children by:

  • Enhancing the child’s confidence and self-esteem by creating an optimal environment for growth.
  • Reducing the child’s symptoms of stress as parental conflict decreases.
  • Diminishing the child’s sense of loyalty binds.
  • Increasing the likelihood of keeping two active parents in the child’s life.
  • Creating a more relaxed home atmosphere allowing the child to adjust more effectively.

Benefits Parents by:

  • Educating parents regarding the impact of parental conflict on the child’s development.
  • Teaching parents anger management, communication and conflict resolution skills, and children’s issues in divorce.
  • Working with parents in developing a detailed parenting plan.

Benefits Families by:

  • Reducing the number of litigated cases.
  • Communicating to parents that the child(ren) come first.
  • Offering families a valuable resource.
  • Providing prompt resolution to daily child-rearing issues.
  • Monitoring parental compliance with the court orders.
  • Providing the Court a comprehensive picture of the family “in action” by way of court testimony.

Benefits the Legal Community by:

  • Decreasing the number of client calls and micromanagement of the difficult case.
  • Improving client behavior and cooperation.
  • Providing prompt and consistent resolution.
  • Monitoring compliance with the court order.
  • Reducing the number of litigated cases.
  • Providing prompt resolution to daily child-rearing issues.

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