Other Related Services

Court Ordered Evaluations

Evaluations of individuals or all family members assess needs or concerns and offer recommendations for treatment, education, or community interventions as needed to help individuals reach their fullest potential and to help families achieve a stabilized environment.

Parenting Assessments and Parenting Skills

Parenting assessments employ psychological testing and interviews to assess parenting abilities and needs. New Tampa Psychological Services offers guidance to help achieve optimal parent-child relationships that allow children to be nurtured and thrive. We will teach you the right tools to help you tailor your parenting style to the developmental age and unique personality of your child.

Child Behavior Interventions

When a child behaves in a manner that is disruptive to family life, social interactions, adjustment to school, or harmful to themselves, it is a cause for concern for parents and loved ones. Our child specialists are trained to differentiate a child’s behavior related to developmental delays or environmental circumstances versus behavior that is the result of a disorder or syndrome. Specific behavior and intervention plans are utilized to target a child’s behavior with proactive, positive behavior supports. We can help your child and you in individual, family, and/or group therapy.

Parenting Teens

Adolescence can be a wonderful, exciting time or a time of great turmoil and fear. “Normal” feelings and behaviors differ for each teenager as they emerge from childhood. Often parents need education and support to know what is normal and what they can do to assist their adolescent through this development phase in order to move into adulthood with healthy coping skills and the confidence to function independently. New Tampa Psychological team is uniquely trained to assist adolescents and their families through the inevitable changes and challenges that are inherent in growing up. We can help your teen and you in individual, family, and/or group therapy.

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