Diagnostic Interviews & Consultation

Diagnostic Interviews and ConsultationA diagnostic interview and/or a consultation session can help you to begin to determine why you are not feeling like yourself, why your child is struggling, or why you or a loved one may be in crisis.

Our diagnostic interviews and consultation sessions are conducted in a professional, but informal, manner where we ask questions to give us a better understanding of your concerns, lead us toward a diagnosis, if appropriate, and determine a plan of action.

Unlike some evaluation methods that can feel one sided, we seek to create a real dialogue during the interview process. It is important to us that you feel heard and that the process gives you an insight, a strategy , or a clearer level of understanding that moves you in a positive direction towards resolution of your problem.


We may use a combination of methods to help us in this initial visit such as questionnaires and behavior rating scales, obtaining a developmental history, symptoms interview, and mental status exam.


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